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J Plasma Skin Renewal

By Face & Head

This wonderful skin rejuvenation treatment revolutionizes the medical aesthetic industry! As Turkey is a beautiful, sunny, abundant state, and we all love to spend as much time as possible, our face is moving faster than “normal”.

Surgical imaging techniques can increase and “move” your face to create a younger look, but have many slopes, including cost and recovery times. In addition, the surgical image does not renew the skin and remains the same, discolored and damaged skin. On the other hand, they both make a dramatic contract with the skin and completely eliminate the damage accumulated on the skin over the years.

Finally, we found the “game changer” technology for true non-surgical facial treatment. With J Plasma, we can dramatically improve wrinkles, depression lines, and irregular pigmentation that traditional surgical lifts cannot do. In addition, the same device pulls and smooths the eyes and neck. J Plasma uses gas plasma technology that is much better than lasers, and the results cannot be compared to laser updates. Usually we give you advice on full face treatment, but you can also do eye, mouth and neck / neck treatment.

What is J Plasma Physics?

Plasma is an energy state created by the addition of a gas. J Plasma is an advanced energy device that combines cold helium plasma with RF energy. Helium Plasma focuses on RF energy for greater control of tissue effects, eliminating unwanted tissue trauma in an extremely accurate and practical manner. Doctors use a wand to gently paint the desired areas with plasma energy.

Breakthrough body styling and toning treatment with J-plasma

By Face & Head, Lower Body, Upper Body

Many people are concerned about loose skin in problem areas such as thighs, middle sections and knees as they age. If this sounds like you, talk to your doctor to learn more about J-plasma tension. This breakthrough procedure can be performed with or without liposuction to accelerate and strengthen the skin in frequent problem areas. This requires only one treatment to achieve significant results, and most patients experience noticeable differences after treatment. In most cases, this procedure can be performed in an office environment during local anesthesia and, if necessary, can cause liposuction with fat reduction!

J-Plasma is the right skin for you?

Many surgical procedures that require tightening of the skin require great surgery and may not produce desirable results. Many surgeons prevent skin breakage and poor results when it is difficult to treat areas such as the thigh, neck or knee. A breakthrough skin binding process using helium plasma technology is the treatment of areas of the body that contain thinner skin and limited collagen as a carrier.

• Loose skin around the abdomen
• Lax and crepey skin around the inner thighs
• Loose skin around the neck and chest
• Grasp the skin around the knee or elbow
• Loose and sagging skin around the upper arms

How J-Plasma behaves in the renuvion to hide the skin

Unlike conventional laser skin tension treatments, which often heat the tissues to 300-600 Fahrenheit, the J-plasma process only heats the heating to 100 degrees. This significantly reduces the risk of tissue burns and accelerates healing time. The problem areas are treated with a helium plasma stream that promotes the depth of collagen production in the skin tissues. The skin is almost immediately retracted and stretches after weeks and months.

The benefits of J-Plasma renuvion for tightening the skin:

• Significant results after treatment, progressive results after months
• Only one treatment area is needed in problem areas
• Fast recovery time
• It takes the skin for other treatments
• Very little pruning is required
• Can be performed with or without liposuction
• There is little risk of skin burns

J-Plasma breakthrough treatment, and that’s exactly what you need to pull and strengthen these stubborn problems. Whether you pull the loose skin around the abdomen or pull the thigh around the skin, this advanced skin-tanning procedure can press the reset button to maintain a youthful look.

Individual results may vary. The results are not guaranteed. Patients must have realistic expectations of what surgical and non-surgical procedures are available.