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Men may complain from various penile deformities or sizes which can be cured and improved today thanks to penoplasties – including penis enlargement, penile girth enhancement surgeries and penis lengthening surgeries. These procedures can be performed through various methods depending on the essential or non-essential nature of the treatment.


What is the ideal penis size?


Under normal circumstances during erection blood pumps into the sponge-like tissue inside the penis, making it larger both in length and girth—the length of an erect penis measures typically around 13 -14 centimetres on average. Any size above 12 centimetres is considered normal. Although there are no criteria in place for penis girth, having a thinner than a normal penis can cause a feeling of inadequacy in men. Individuals thinking, they have a short or thin penis can feel inadequate in their sex lives. Men having a penis within normal limits who feel uncomfortable with their penis size can think of undergoing a penile surgery for better sex life. Having undergone a penoplasty, men have increased self-confidence, a better psychological state and can engage in a closer and safer relationship with their partners.


What are the penile surgery methods? 


In Turkey, the following penile surgery procedures are available:


• One of the penises lengthening surgical techniques, ligamentolysis involves cutting the penile shaft from the suspensory ligaments allowing the penis to detach from the pubic bone. During the procedure, the penis is not touched. Only by cutting the suspensory ligament, a 2-3-centimetre increase – in the flaccid state – in penis length is achieved. 


• In some cases, the penis is surrounded with an excessive amount of subcutaneous fat tissue, causing it to look smaller than its actual size — almost as if it were buried. The fat surrounding the penis is removed by liposuction, and surrounding tissues are compressed as much as possible. The penis is elongated significantly lengthwise. During the procedure the penis is not touched, only the surrounding tissues are removed.


• In penile girth enhancement procedure, the penile circumference is increased by injecting fat to the penis from the patient’s abdominal or any other tissues. Being the patient’s own fat tissues, chances of an allergic reaction or a tissue rejection are weak. While this fat tissue may shrink in time, the results are usually satisfactory.    


How are penile surgeries performed? 


Penis enlargement surgeries are usually performed in day hospital, either with discharges on the same day of surgery or a one-night hospitalisation. The surgeries are performed under general or spinal anaesthesia. Fat injections are performed under local anaesthesia. The procedure takes around 45 minutes to 1,5 hours. The surgery does not cause any erection problems. The patients must wait for three weeks for any sexual activity following the surgery. No post-surgical complications develop, and the patient does not need any medications but analgesic drugs and antibiotics.


Is it safe to undergo a penile surgery in Turkey? 


In Turkey, penile surgical techniques are implemented by veteran plastic and reconstructive surgeons or urologists, both of whom receive their bachelor’s degree in medicine in 6 years and residency in 5-6 years. Higher medical education in Turkey has globally high standards. Having state-of-art equipment, expert staff and high-quality service, Turkish healthcare organisations are a top choice for many international patients. In addition to its superior quality and state-of-art equipment, such procedures are 70% more affordable than the ones performed in Europe or U.S.A.