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By Dentistry

The beauty of a face, the beauty of a smile depends largely on the dentition. An eroded dentition, discolored teeth, in bad condition causes embarrass and discomfort and can even be detrimental to social life. We refrain from smiling and even laughing. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, a missing tooth needs to be replaced for oral health’s reasons and general health.

With modern dental implant treatment, it is very easy, reliable and economical to replace one teeth or more in a natural, fixed way. A dental implant, made from titanium will serve as an artificial root on which theses will be grafted. In one intervention, not painful, an experienced implantology, specialized in dentistry, rigorous and accurate will insert you an aesthetic implant, comfortable and durable. The implants are customized, sterile, biocompatible and antiallergic, which ensures perfect tolerance. They are not altered over time because they are stable and strong. Then, their maintenance is quick and simple.

The result is very natural and guarantees a perfect dentition giving you back your confidence. White teeth, straight and well aligned, vibrant which will make your smile harmonious, radiant and attractive that you can use and abuse on a daily basis.