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November 2019

About Breast Lift Surgery

By Breasts, Upper Body

Surgical lifting is a cosmetic breast treatment that reconstructs your breast, reduces excess skin, and keeps the remaining skin and younger ones. This life-changing surgery is recommended for women who have lost their completeness and form and who are stuck on their breasts due to aging, weight loss or breastfeeding. The breakthroughs of breast surgery are so effective that new statistics from the American Plastic Surgeons Association have increased by about 70% since 2000 with advanced cosmetic breast surgery and, depending on the presence level, carefully select the desired technique for the desired aesthetic purpose

Ideal for candidates

Many women visit centers, hoping to get breast implants, but after a physical examination they confirmed that mastopy is needed and would be a better choice. This is because breast cancer is present. Breast lifting does not significantly change breast size, but it is a great opportunity for patients who want to stop the contraction without adding the amount of implant. Breast lifters maintain natural body sizes while breasts are weaker, younger and more natural. Women who have their breasts and nipples pointing downwards usually need a breast to correct skin irregularities and raise their breasts on the chest wall. If your nipples descend and your breasts are elongated, breast lifting can improve your appearance. Women who need to raise breast should be physically healthy and have a stable weight. While implants are desirable, breast augmentation is required in most cases to add the desired completeness and form.

If there is excessive skin over the chest, there is abundant scar tissue around the breasts, or the shaving breasts may be a good candidate for lifting the breast. Breastfeeding can be the right cosmetic surgery, if yes, you can answer the following questions:

Don’t my isola sit on my chest? His nipples and underwear can sit on his chest because of their genetics or cracked breasts.

My nipples pointing down? When the breasts start to shear, the nipple is pulled by the weight of the breast.

Is my breast asymmetric? Inheritance and genetics can cause uneven fit of the breasts.

Breakthrough body styling and toning treatment with J-plasma

By Face & Head, Lower Body, Upper Body

Many people are concerned about loose skin in problem areas such as thighs, middle sections and knees as they age. If this sounds like you, talk to your doctor to learn more about J-plasma tension. This breakthrough procedure can be performed with or without liposuction to accelerate and strengthen the skin in frequent problem areas. This requires only one treatment to achieve significant results, and most patients experience noticeable differences after treatment. In most cases, this procedure can be performed in an office environment during local anesthesia and, if necessary, can cause liposuction with fat reduction!

J-Plasma is the right skin for you?

Many surgical procedures that require tightening of the skin require great surgery and may not produce desirable results. Many surgeons prevent skin breakage and poor results when it is difficult to treat areas such as the thigh, neck or knee. A breakthrough skin binding process using helium plasma technology is the treatment of areas of the body that contain thinner skin and limited collagen as a carrier.

• Loose skin around the abdomen
• Lax and crepey skin around the inner thighs
• Loose skin around the neck and chest
• Grasp the skin around the knee or elbow
• Loose and sagging skin around the upper arms

How J-Plasma behaves in the renuvion to hide the skin

Unlike conventional laser skin tension treatments, which often heat the tissues to 300-600 Fahrenheit, the J-plasma process only heats the heating to 100 degrees. This significantly reduces the risk of tissue burns and accelerates healing time. The problem areas are treated with a helium plasma stream that promotes the depth of collagen production in the skin tissues. The skin is almost immediately retracted and stretches after weeks and months.

The benefits of J-Plasma renuvion for tightening the skin:

• Significant results after treatment, progressive results after months
• Only one treatment area is needed in problem areas
• Fast recovery time
• It takes the skin for other treatments
• Very little pruning is required
• Can be performed with or without liposuction
• There is little risk of skin burns

J-Plasma breakthrough treatment, and that’s exactly what you need to pull and strengthen these stubborn problems. Whether you pull the loose skin around the abdomen or pull the thigh around the skin, this advanced skin-tanning procedure can press the reset button to maintain a youthful look.

Individual results may vary. The results are not guaranteed. Patients must have realistic expectations of what surgical and non-surgical procedures are available.

Breast Reduction

By Breasts, Upper Body

What is Breast Reduction?

These are operations in which the skin, fat and breast tissue are removed to make the large and greasy breasts smaller, narrowe, and to form the breast.

Who are suitable for this operation?

Breast tissue growth associated with genetic, hormonal changes, weight gain and breastfeeding causes back pain in patients; it can even cause big breasts that can shake. It is possible that under the large breast tissue the friction-dependent rash may appear and the wounds may open. Breathing may be difficult. Daily physical activity may be limited. In fact, while large breasts make it difficult to choose clothing, a woman rejects her own social and psychological problems. Thus, such aesthetic operations can correct the physical appearance of the patient and psychology. This procedure applies to all women who have completed adolescence and breast development.

What issues should be addressed in the decision-making process?

As a result of the surgeon’s examination, the mutual exchange of information with patients depends on the size and shape of the breast, the condition of the skin, the age of the patient, the marriage and the children, and the new situation and size. At the end of the views and the dialogue, in what form and with what technique and whether the nipple is protected or not.

Do you need chest x-ray before surgery?

Pre-operative mammography film making and breast screening will be suitable for certain age groups and family members with mammalian pathology.

Which anesthesia is the application?

It is used in hospitals and general anesthesia. Although patients may be on the day of surgery, the first day of hospitalization will be appropriate.

Financial considerations

Although a single hypertrophy is not a disease in itself, it often causes discomfort and disability to the patient. As a result, certain health care systems, including the Turkish health care system, are funded after the individual merits of each case. However, in some cases, the patient must pay part price or all of the cost. Insurance companies use different policies and first turn to service providers. Make sure that the surgeon and the insurance company clearly record in writing.