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Loose skin is missing from liposuction. Many patients are afraid of liposuction because they do not want loose skin. Many patients have only loose skin in their arms, very little extra fat in their thighs and lower abdomen. These patients have always been told that they need a large cutting operation, which is not ideal for everyone’s lifestyle. Plasma liposuction technology first uses cold plasma energy to the skin (with the same liposuction) and results in immediate skin contraction, resulting in better relaxation, tightness and shrinkage. Previously, there was no technology to deliver this energy to the lower part of the skin without burning. Plasma is ionized helium and acts as an ice cold flame. So we can pull the collagen without burning the skin. Think of loose skin like loose shoelaces; Plasma technology eliminates the loose knot.

Plasma liposuction: Procedures performed

The most common wake-up lipo plasma is the removal of abdominal gentle fat and skin tension. This is a 60-minute hospital treatment with minimal downtime
Other common areas are loose neck skin, loose coal, loose knee skin, loose back skin and loose inner thighs.
Mini Tummy Tuck: Instead of full abdominal muscle, pull the skin out and simply remove the extra skin in the bikini line.
Instead of a full arm and footrest, mini lifts can be used with hidden incisions and residual skin.

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Plasma energy contains the excited state of helium ions between the fluid and the gas phase.

Renuvion is an advanced energy tool that combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy. This revolutionary new technology for skin tension and body design enables the use of an even wider machine tool platform to achieve unfulfilled results.

Renuvion technology uses a gentle RF waveform to convert inert gas to cold plasma. Helium is used because it can be converted into plasma with very little energy. The result is an energy that is unique in providing tissue heating and cooling almost simultaneously.