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Thinking about breast augmentation, but do you have any questions? Most patients have the following common question, so here are the answers.

How long will recovery be?

The recovery time may vary slightly based on the placement of the implant. In muscle implants (subretinal placement) or muscle implants (lower muscle placement), the healing time is usually no more than 7-10 days. Most women just light up within a few days. Heavy lifting and strenuous workouts should be delayed for a longer period, usually six weeks after surgery.

In most cases, doctors’ expertise and skill enable you to heal breast augmentation faster and easier. Learn more about recovery here.

How do I know if I need a molded or round implant?

Formatted and round implants are largely personal preferences that depend on the look they are looking for. Round implants are the most popular. They provide complete completeness in the breast. Teardrop-shaped implants are designed to emphasize the completeness at the bottom of the breast, similar to the natural breast shape.

If you want the most natural appearance (but less dramatic change), the teardrop is the best. However, most patients still choose a round implant. The doctor helps you decide which one best suits your needs and body type.

The best silicone or saline solution?

The choice between silicone and saline is entirely up to you. Silicone and saline implants used at Plastic Surgery in Turkey are manufactured by Mentor, Sientra or Allergan. The raw skin implants (silicone) make up the most natural feeling. Some of their sizes are based on their own preferences and doctor’s recommendations.

Saline implants are saline water, very similar to the natural salt solution of the body. Saline solution implants are more solid and therefore some patients feel the less natural breast tissue. Saline implants have the adjustable volume so the doctor can fill the breast at an optimal level. Both types of implants guarantee plastic surgery in Turkey. The decision is entirely up to you and can be built for personal purposes.