Tummy Tuck Surgery


Who doesn’t wish a flat-board stomach? A belly that belies gravity and is as toned as the best athletes is almost every one’s most cherished dream. This, however, is a wish that rarely comes true for most unless you put in relentless hours of sweating at the gym.

A pot belly not only mars your personality but also irreparably damages self confidence, especially when you cross a certain age. You would do well to opt for an aesthetic tummy tuck procedure if you-

  • Have deposits of unwanted fat in and around your abdominal region
  • Suffer from some sort of eating or weight disorder either congenital or hereditary in origin
  • Have sagging tummy skin that just won’t go away
  • Stubborn abdominal concentration of fats reluctant to melt even after putting in the best of efforts

Any and all of these signs indicate a tummy tuck surgery that would alleviate all your woes.

The Procedure

The actual procedure is preceded by the assessment of your requirements which involves a thorough examination of your needs i.e. the amount of protrusive belly fat while lying down and standing straight, the texture and tautness of abdominal skin, the degree of fatty deposits on problem areas and so forth. An initial assessment allows the cosmetic surgeon to make a realistic estimate of the results and the ensuing procedures.

The Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery entails placement of an incision at a precise and strategic location just above the pubic region. Abdominal skin is detached from the muscles of the region and removed surgically to the extent it is required. The procedure also involves realignment of the naval at a predetermined position. In case there is excessive fat, an additional liposuction is also employed to drain out the fat and an appropriate amount of skin is removed. Thereafter, the skin is tightened and sutured so to give you a tighter stomach and skin.

A tummy tuck surgery is typically a very safe procedure which allows patients to re-tone their body and except for the rare cases where patients are kept for a day or two under observation, patients may resume activities as soon as 3-5 days after the surgery.

Your Apprehensions alleviated

Post operation, the biggest relief for a patient is that they can return to normal day to day activity within 3-5 days of undergoing a tummy tuck surgery. Secondly, sports activities or heavy physical work can be resumed after 3 weeks. Furthermore, there are practically no scars visible from the surgery some time after the procedure. With the use of special medicated ointments and creams, it is perfectly feasible to speed up the healing. And lastly, opposing common apprehensions, cost of tummy tuck is not as steep as is perceived. There are no major finances involved and depending upon the extent to which the patient needs the procedure, it can be easily managed in a tight budget.

It is advisable to have a help handy for 4-5 days after the procedure since the surgery requires 3-4 days of rest time.

Using a tummy tuck surgery, you can now realize your aspiration of a toned, flatter and tighter abdomen to flaunt.

Lets get started! Comfortably state questions that you wonder about. We are ready to answer all of them.