Nose Surgery

Am I a Good Candidate for a Nose Contouring?

Rhinoplasty or nose contouring is one of the latest techniques of plastic surgery aimed at making your face more striking with balanced and well defined nasal features that add to your charisma. Adding more appeal to your face and accentuating your nose, a nose surgery is the way to go for reshaping your nose and correcting the form and outline of the structure. Nose surgery is typically required in cases where-

  • There is a congenital defect that affects breathing.
  • A change in shape is warranted due to aesthetic inclination.
  • There is a need to afford the nose a better and fuller appearance.
  • A remedy is required to correct a nose contour that is larger than desired, forms a hump or hangs just where it meets the lip.

The most important things to consider in a nose surgery are the existing shape of the nose and its proportionate alignment with the rest of the facial features, texture and type of skin and the extent of development of nose. The eventual purpose is to reshape the nose to a better profile and more in keeping with extant facial features. Whether for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes, it is imperative that the requirements and present features be efficiently assessed by an expert of the field. It is also advisable to know the risks involved and the recuperation period beforehand and prepare oneself accordingly.

The Surgery

A nose job is a basic restructuring of the shape of a nose so as to make it more attractive and proportionate. The procedure is fairly simple and involves incisions to the area around the nose enabling the surgeon to reach the nasal cartilage and bones in order to undertake a rectification of the shape and size of patient’s nose.

Proper care must be taken in handling the site of surgery. No pressure should be applied on or around the site and tender care is necessitated for a considerable period.


Post Operative Precautions

The pain from a nose surgery will seldom persist but it is important to heed your surgeon’s instructions all the same. The supportive mold can be used for 6-7 days and there usually is some swelling and bruising of the face around the area of the surgery which goes away given enough time.

Reconstructive nose surgery, when performed at an expert’s hands, can be the very thing for you if you are looking to recontour your nose. A proportionate nose not only accentuates your facial features but also fills you with the self confidence emanating from a better and wholesome you.

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