Full Face Lift

Am I a Good Candidate for Face Lift Surgery?

Face lift is one of the most popular treatments around to transform your appearance to exactly what you wish. The procedure being fairly simple and productive to a large extent, scores of patients from all corners of the globe opt for the surgery to give their charm the perfect lift

The surgery is usually employed to give the face a more youthful and vivacious appearance. Quintessentially, a facelift surgical procedure involves removal of excess facial skin, tightening of the skin and evening the texture of facial skin so as to provide a flawless texture and a younger looking you. The surgery is generally performed in combination with other surgeries like eyelid surgery or one or the other types of facial procedures so as to have a wholesome effect.

The case for facelift

A facelift surgery may be required in case of patients with-

    • Loose and wrinkled skin in the facial area
    • Displaced and uneven facial fat
    • Excessive fatty deposits giving the appearance of a double chin
    • Loss of muscle tone in the lower portion of the face

Instances of facelift help in the removal of any of these signs of premature aging. However, what the patients must bear in mind is that the procedure can not alter the basic structure of the face and can’t prevent the process of aging. It can merely bring a retrogressive effect for aesthetic purposes.

Depending upon the extent of changes required and the expectations of patients, the expected results, and extent of a facelift surgery must be assessed and discussed between the surgeon and the patient beforehand. A clear understanding of the objectives and outcomes can help direct the procedure through a smoother cycle. The patient must also understand that the surgery, though capable of performing miracles, does have boundaries beyond which it is physically not possible to deliver. To these ends, it is imperative to consult a surgeon of repute and clearly discuss the anticipated results. The surgeon must also review the skin texture, muscle tone, facial structure and all such aspects so as to be able to draw a lucid inference and define the scope of the procedure.

The Surgical Procedure

The procedure involves an incision that begins near the temple, extends through the front of the ear, and continues towards the hairline behind the ear.

The image shows a patient prior to the surgery with visibly loose skin, deep jowls and cheek folds highlighting the need for a facelift.

This image demonstrates areas where incisions are to be made on either side of the face maintaining a close proximity to the hairline at the temple, around the earlobe and the lower scalp.

Following the incision, loose skin is tightened by pulling up and backwards as demonstrated in the image, in perfect alignment with the contour of the face and excess skin and fat is removed.

As is evident in the image, the procedure leaves patient with visible younger looking, taut and firmer skin that before.

Post Operative Care

There is some degree of pain, swelling and bruising which can be treated with a combination of oral analgesics and proper care using cold compresses. It takes a day for the bandages to come off following which sutures are taken out within 5-7 days. Indulgent care is necessitated and involves activities that do not strain the facial muscles. Normal work can be resumed as soon as 10 days past the procedure.

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