Buttock Lift Surgery

A full and attractive butt is the quintessential Holy Grail for a woman. A perfectly sculpted butt not only highlights your figure, it also takes years off your appearance, which no doubt, is the ultimate craving for any woman. Dreaming of a perfect figure, a simple aesthetic surgical procedure can lend your body the perfection you have always sought.

Buttock lift surgery is an aesthetic procedure that is used by women for contouring their buttocks to acquire a better shape for their figure. There are several forms of the surgery but essentially, it is a route that lands you the much yearned for flawlessness. It is important for self esteem and confidence in today’s world that you realize your dream look and this is easily achieved using a buttock lift surgery.

The Scope

There are several types of buttock lift surgery often used in conjunction with other beautification surgeries like breast lift or augmentation to lend your body a well toned and even contour.  Generally, a butt lift surgery provides the desired shape to the upper part of your buttocks but does not augment the lower part for which a Brazilian Butt Lift employing a fat injection into the required part is used.

The Surgical Procedure

Butt lift surgery works towards removal of excess skin and provides a well defined shape to the buttocks and highlights your waist line and thighs in a more prominent way. The sagging skin is tightened and excess skin is removed to lend a taut texture to the area.

It is important to determine whether or not both the cheeks are of the same size and shape and this is where the expertise of your surgeon defines the procedure. After due deliberation, the incisions are sutured and the entire procedure is completed in as little as two to three hours.

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