Breast Lift

Breast Lift is a surgical procedure increasingly being employed for women around the globe to recontour and reshape sagging breasts. It is widely seen that with growing age, breasts start to sag which is a source of both discomfort and loss of self esteem. In such cases, a breast lift is the optimal solution.

Breast lift is sometimes also performed along with breast augmentation surgery to reverse the effect of gravity on breasts. The purpose here is to make the breasts more prominent, shapely and attractive.


The Surgical Procedure

A breast lift involves the analysis of the patient’s age, medical background, skin , and shape of breasts. Following this drawings on the body is done by the plastic surgeon to figure out the new location of the breasts.

The actual procedure involves placement of an incision above the areola to locate the new position for the nipple. Removal of excess skin is undertaken which is directed towards reshaping  of the breast followed by areola, and nipple. At the same time breast tissue is realigned to a higher position so to define the new and improved shape. Following this the rest of the skin around and below of the areola is realigned to complete and fortify the new shape. In cases where breast lift is performed in concurrence with breast implant surgery, the implant is placed in the space created by the lift just under the muscles of the chest. Sutures are then used to close the wound and patient is advised to wear a surgical bra that supports the newly defined shape of the breasts.

Postoperative care

After the surgical procedure, the patient is released from medical care usually within the day. The dressing can be removed within a week to be replaced by a bra of soft fabric which may be needed for an extended period of time. The marks of sutures and incisions will fade away  with time. The procedure may result in temporary loss of sensation in the operated region which will normalize with time.

The Pros of a Breast Implant and Breast Lift

The combined effect of a breast implant and a breast lift can work wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your body. While it can effectively reverse the effect of aging on your breasts, it can also contribute to accentuating of  the augmentation procedure in a much better way. This makes a fuller and more desirable version of  your earlier breasts. Besides beautification, it can add to your self confidence and esteem and the way you carry yourself. There are multifaceted benefits of a breast lift surgery that can infuse you with the very positivity that you always sought.