Breast Enlargement (Boob Job)

Breast augmentation, or breast implant as it is commonly termed, is the technique of surgical enhancement of breasts for a fuller and more attractive body contour. The process comprises of plastic surgery techniques that employ body tissue or more commonly silicone gel implants in order to provide a desirable shape to breasts. There are many reasons that can incline your thought towards adopting the procedure like:

  1. A desire to increase breast size, develop a firm form and feel and provide an attractive shape to breasts
  2. Need for reconstructive surgery owing to injury or trauma
  3. Improve self confidence and project a better image
  4. Carve a developed and balanced figure

Breast enlargement surgery is opted for by plenty of women across the globe in an effort to enhance their figure and lay emphasis on their feminine side. The procedure involves several steps that include preliminary tests for skin and tissue type, existing size, structure and shape of breasts and many other features are analyzed to assess the need and accordingly a suitable implant material is chosen and the procedure undertaken.


Breast augmentation surgery typically comprises of implants being placed in the body through incisions that are placed either below the breast, at the periphery of the areola (nipple) or close to the armpit depending upon the transplant material used. Each of the incision methods has its own pros. Generally, an incision around the areola is preferred as it is less likely to leave a prominent scar which is not the case with inframammary incision or an incision directly below the breast.

A breast enlargement surgery normally involves placement of incision along the natural contour lines so as to enable augmentation of the existing shape. Using a retractor, implant material is placed at precise positions so as to accentuate the shape and size of breasts.

Price (cost) for boob job surgery is economic in turkey.